RFID Smart Packaging-UHF

The product is widely used in different forms. It is suitable for the packaging of fast-moving consumer goods such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and alcohol. It can be used as the first choice for single product anti-counterfeiting, inventory, traceabilit
Description Parameter
With the technology of conductive silver paste printing, the antenna of RFID tag can be directly printed on the surface of the package.  The RFID tag and the package are integrated and cannot be separated. This protects the products from clone, counterfeiting, theft etc while RFID tags cannot be destroyed or transferred maliciously.

This is a brand new technology! After a special process, the silver paste antenna will not be oxidized. It is unnecessary to bond RFID chips by hot pressing if use the conductive glue and equipments  independently developed by our company. It solves the problem that cannot bond chips roll to roll , which improves the production capacity greatly.
Item Description
Chip Type IMPINJ / ALIEN / NXP etc.
Frequency UHF 860-960MHz
Work Mode Passive
Dimension Smaller than 300x400mm (customizable)
Box Materials 350g white cardboard (customizable)
Production Process Printing + Flip chip bonding + Die cutting
Printing Accept simple printing on the surface of box
Die Cutting Finish product or 300x400mm layout without cutting
Cautions Materials must bear 150°C
Cannot print secondly after chip bonding
Paper product must be kept under seal, not in a wet environment

Customized Items: HF ICs, Box Sizes, Surface Printing