HF A4 Paper-Double A 80g

Item No.: SD-HF-01
Substrate:      Double A 80g Paper
Antenna:        Silver Paste
Protocol:        NFC / ISO14443 / ISO 15693
Frequency:    13.56MHz
Dry Size:        38x22mm
Description Parameter
With RFID technology on the printing paper, the chip and the antenna are exposed on the surface of the security document. However, such paper is completely unobstructed to pass through a laser or inkjet printer whatever it is domestic or commercial. The printing does not damage the chip. The printed antenna section has an anti-oxidation ­treatment that maintains long-term performance in an aerobic environment and is not discolored.
The RFID tag in the paper uses silver paste printing technology. The paper and the tag are integrated and cannot be separated. The unique code in the chip prevents the document from being duplicated, maintaining uniqueness. It is impossible to duplicate the same document in any way. 
The security document paper based on RFID technology is mainly used for relatively important or highly confidential documents.
At present, we can provide such products in HF or UHF. You can choose most of regular chips model. The type, size and position of the antenna can be customized to create an exclusive paper for the customer and the document is unique globally.

Applications: high confidentiality information of government agencies, military, scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises, etc.
Features: anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-clone
                                         RF Specifications
Frequency (MHz):           13.56MHz
IC Type: Ntag213 , Mifare Classic 1K , Ultralight , ICODE SLIX , ICODE SLIX2 , FM11RF08 , etc
Protocols Standards: NFC / ISO14443A / ISO15693
User Memory: Depend on IC
                         Physical and Environmental Specifications
Substrate: Double A 80g Paper
Antenna Material:  Silver Paste
Antenna Size(mm):  38×22 
Printing Size(mm):  42×26
Storage: [-10°C to +75°C]      10% to 35% RH
Operating: [ +0°C to +30°C]      10% to 25% RH
Shelf Life: 2 years at [+25°C] @25%RH
                                 External Characteristic
Delivery Form:   Single Piece
Packing quantity: 200 sheets per box
♦ RFID antennas may be a bit different due to different ICs or frequency bands. Label size will keep same.
♦ Finished product can be printed through ink-jet/laser printers.
♦ Paper product must be kept under seal, not in a wet environment.
♦ For more product sizes and models, please contact us for information.