Clothing Hang Tag

Substrate:      PET+Paper
Antenna:        Aluminium Etched
Protocol:        ISO18000-6C / RAIN RFID
Frequency:    840-960MHz
Size:                80x30mm
Description Parameter

RFID Tag is an electronic tag that exchanges data with a RFID reader through radio waves. Most RFID Tags are made up of at least three main parts. The first is an antenna, which receives radio frequency (RF) waves. The second is an integrated circuit (IC), which is used for processing and storing data, as well as modulating and demodulating the radio waves received /sent by the antenna. The third is the substrate, which is PET, Paper or other flexible materials.

Winson RFID can provide various HF, UHF or NFC Tag in different sizes, materials or formats. As a manufacturer with R&D, we can custom RFID Tags according to customers' requirements.
                                         RF Specifications
Frequency (MHz):            840-960MHz
Protocols Standards ISO18000-6C / RAIN RFID
Chip Type: Impinj Monza R6
EPC 96 bit
TID 48 bit
User None
Kill Password None
Access Password None
                         Physical and Environmental Specifications
Substrate: PET + Paper
Antenna Material:  Aluminium Etched
Dry Inlay Size(mm):  70×15 [Antenna]
Tag Size(mm):  80×30  
Storage [-10°C to +75°C]      10% to 60% RH
Operating [ +0°C to +30°C]      10% to 25% RH
Shelf Life 2 years at [+25°C] @40%RH
                                 External Characteristic
Delivery Form:    

Other optional chips Impinj MonzaR6P / NXP U CODE 7 / NXP U CODE 8 / Alien Higgs 3
RFID antennas may be a bit different due to different ICs or frequency bands. Label size will keep same.
For more product sizes and models, please contact us .