Ceramic Tag MC040430

Item No.: MC040430
Substrate:      Ceramic
Protocol:        ISO18000-6C
Frequency:    US  902-928MHz
                        EU  860-868MHz
IC Type:          Alien Higgs3
Size:                4x4x3mm(L*W*T)
Description Parameter

Metal is typically an RF-unfriendly material. Winson RFID offers RFID ceramic tags, optimized for metal and global frequency band, tracking metal assets in harsh environments.
From the ability to survive 250°C High temperatures in cyclical applications, to the flexibility of on/off metal performance, and the ability to embed at the point of manufacture – these RFID ceramic tags are ideal for tool, medical, and small equipment tracking.

RF Specifications

 Frequency Band (MHz):                                860-868MHz(EU)  /  902-928MHz(US)
 IC Type:     Alien Higgs3
 TID:  64bit
 Read Range(m)  -Fixed reader  Up to 0.8
 Read Range(m)  -Handheld reader:  Up to 0.3
 Applied Range:  Medical Instrument    /   Metal Tools

Physical and Environmental Specifications
 Substrate:         Ceramic                            
 Antenna Material:  Silver Paste
 Ingress Protection:  IP68     
 Weight(g):  0.3
 Size(mm):  4×4×3
 Chip bump size(mm):  2×2×0.5
 Operating Temperature(ºC):  -20 to +85
 Application Temperature(ºC):  -40 to +150

External Characteristic
 Package:                  Enamel Coating 
 Backing Adhesive:  No